Kimbra ‘Good Intent’ Music Video

Kiwi indie pop siren Kimbra did not just reach into the back of that closet to pull out one freakum dress. She did it to the power of three.

After a year of laying foundations and paving her way into mainstream consciousness, Kimbra is finally ready to let us have her debut album Vows, and with it comes her third single ‘Good Intent’.

Sonically, this is again a different aspect to her craft – showcasing her uncanny ability to master a mix of different genres and musical influences but still have it sound like Kimbra. Where ‘Settle Down’ was more vocal-major with Bjork sensibilities and ‘Cameo Lover’ boasted a Brunswick summer sheen, ‘Good Intent’ takes us on a journey back to Kimbra‘s jazz roots.

It is perhaps not as radio friendly as her first two releases but at this point in time, I think the focus is purely on launching the album and giving the people who are already on board another taste of what’s to come. The girl will no doubt continue to break ground as she goes on tour, what with now an ARIA #1 single under her belt?


Director Guy Franklin who did Kimbra‘s first two videos is back on board for ‘Good Intent’ and here we see his work catering appropriately to the song’s mahogany jazzy tones with a little ‘Smooth Criminal’ reference, perhaps.

The three Kimbras represented in the video is really quite a nice reminder that ‘Good Intent’ is her third single. I think it’s really refreshing to see an artist play three different characters in a video without having to resort to three different coloured wigs. It’s tired as hell and not everyone looks good as a red head, brunette and blond. It sure didn’t stop Jessie J, though.

Side bar: y’all remember the two girls that accompanied Kimbra in her ‘Settle Down’ video and made a cameo in her ‘Cameo Lover’ clip? Where are they? Maybe it was a school night and Kimbra feels strongly about having minors performing in a town hall where grown ups are dancing and possibly having booze.


Kimbra‘s ‘Good Intent’ is now out on iTunes. The album Vows drops in New Zealand first on Monday and arrives in Australia on 2 September.



  1. What is the freakin actor’s name who played in this video…Google and Yahoo seem to have no clue…it’s drivin me crazy!

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