Leak Report: Darren Hayes ‘Bloodstained Heart’

“Gurl, is that puce? I love that you’re using puce on your single artwork.” – Let that never be the first words to leave my mouth if I ever meet Darren Hayes.

Queens and kings – here we have the second Australian single from our boy Darren titled ‘Bloodstained Heart’, which made its sneak premiere on the new X Factor Australia promo last week.

It’s serving it at every turn with goodness commercial radios here would be gagging for. ‘Bloodstained Heart’ is a self-contained mini pop opus with strings, tender lyrics and a soaring hook that hits you like a beam of sunlight on a grey Melbourne day.

Y’know Dazza wasn’t kidding when he said that Secret Codes and Battleship is a return to the pop sensibilities of the first Savage Garden album. Now you get it.

Take a listen to ‘Bloodstained Heart’ in full right here:


“Even when you fall apart, I’ll pick up your bloodstained heart and darling I’ll follow you down to the ground. In the gutter, when you’re starless and blind to dreams. We can dream each other, to a new day where the good guys always win and heaven still means something…” – BRB bawling my eyes out.

There’s something so triumphant about ‘Bloodstained Heart’ that I hope the Australian masses will respond to because I really wasn’t impressed with ‘Talk Talk Talk’ missing the Top 50, despite all the promo work he put in here. But it is what it is, you can’t take a leave of absence and always comeback on top. ‘Talk Talk Talk’ was a means to get him reacquainted with the Aussie mainstream media circus now let’s see what happens with single number two.


Darren Hayes will release ‘Bloodstained Heart’ in Australia on 5 September. Friends in the UK will get ‘Black Out The Sun’ as his second Secret Codes and Battleship single instead.



  1. Ooh, I like this. This might be the first single of Darren’s I will actually download.

    • I honestly feel that this is the kind of Darren Hayes music most Aussies want to hear. It’s very promising!

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