Leak Report: Sneaky Sound System ‘Big’ Remixes

I don’t know about you but sometimes when I fall deeply in love with a song and a crop of remixes come up for it, I automatically get super defensive.

Sneaky Sound System – being one of Australia’s premiere dance music purveyors – were always gonna release some club-ready cuts for their new single ‘Big’. To paraphrase a rather bizarre Celine Dion album track, “like rain and tax… it’s inevitable”. But for me right now, I just want the world to enjoy ‘Big’ as it is without the wired up distractions of four to the floor beats and stroblit synths. The original version is flawless as it is and that’s all you need in this life and day.

Having said that, the following ‘Big’ remixes aren’t completely rubbish so maybe you should just ignore what I said and go right ahead and kick start your TGIF party mood now.

Preview ‘Big (John Dahlback Remix)’:


Preview ‘Big (Goodwill & Black Angus Remix)’:


Preview ‘Big (Etienne Ozbourne Remix)’:


While you’re on a ‘Big’ feed, check out some behind the scenes snaps from the video shoot in Vegas.


Sneaky Sound System‘s ‘Big’ – the original version – is out now. Expect the remix EP to arrive soon. I mean, it took them almost two months to put out the ‘We Love’ remixes so let’s hope it won’t be that much of a wait for this one.

The duo’s forthcoming From Here to Anywhere album arrives on 7 October.



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