Nicki Minaj feat. Rihanna ‘Fly’ Music Video

Holy smokes, Onika Minaj. This video budget’s enough to send Tiger Airways broke.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what the situation was with ‘Fly’. Both divas shot the video for this back in January and after months of hearing nothing, I thought it was one of those projects doomed for the vault like Alicia Keys and Beyoncé‘s ‘Put It In Love Song’.

I mean, there were Twitpics from the set, Rihanna‘s weave looked Top Model amazing and Nicki kept going on about how this was gonna be a cinematic experience – we were all gagging for it but as fate would have it, ‘Super Bass’ became a surprise commercial hit and everything else got rescheduled to accommodate that.


Director Sanaa Hamri – who hemmed the ‘Super Bass’ video and classics like Kelly Rowland‘s ‘Stole’ – delivered a larger than life epic by setting Nicki and RiRi in a plane crash scene. The symbolism of being the only two bitches walking tall in the aftermath of such devastation really speaks for the song. It’s everything you expect it to be – stylishly shot with a touch of editorial glamour, smelling like a blockbuster budget, and of course, seeing Onika flaunt more extravagant wigs.

We could fill a whole university course book with theories and readings of Onika‘s wigs. But for today’s lesson – just consider the inspired choices of her leopard print blonde piece and white tiger mohawk. Obviously, in the context of ‘Fly’ being a survivor song – you can appreciate the idea of embodying predatory animals as being nothing short of genius.


Nicki Minaj will drop ‘Fly’ off at US rhythmic stations today and the single will be released on 11 September in the States.



  1. I honestly think Nicki is one of the most exciting things to happen in music for years and years, but I’m not such a fan of this as a single. Yes, the RiRi connection might prove to be helpful, but I can’t help that think that ‘I’m the Best’ or ‘Girls Fall Like Dominoes’ would have been better!

    • ‘Fly’ is one of my faves – alongside ‘Moment 4 Life’ and ‘Dear Old Nicki’. What happened to the video she did for ‘GIrls Fall Like Dominoes’? Wasn’t that a UK single? It started charting there from memory…

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