Elen Levon ‘Naughty’ Music Video

Australia, remember how I told y’all to come correct for our new princess of pop? That was not a test.

Behold, the ferocious video for Elen Levon‘s debut single ‘Naughty’. The 17-year old Sydney-bred singer/dancer has been the talk of esteemed tastemakers like The Prophet Blog, Idolator and Pop Trash Addicts for months now, so if my dime store-value endorsement isn’t cutting it for you – consider their approval.

There is good reason to be wet for La Levon, especially when you take a look at our sparse and dry collection of local female pop stars. Young Elen brings fresh energy and the promise of urban/pop sensibilities coupled with some sick’ning dance skills. In a nutshell, she really is the whole package popstar our nation’s been starving for.

Check out her debut ‘Naughty’ featuring Israel Cruz, via Idolator:


The video is directed by Silo – the Australian team behind A-grade productions like Havana Brown‘s ‘We Run The Night’ and Israel Cruz‘s ‘Party Up’. They’ve delivered the best possible visual debut any young popstar can ever dream of. I mean, I’m not even gonna front. I am a little jealous of the child. She is living my fantasy right here – lights, wind machine action, back up dancers and some proper popstarly outfits.

Much to Elen’s credit, she’s serving it at every turn like a seasoned video vixen. If nobody said nothing, you wouldn’t have thought that this was her first video. Sonically, ‘Naughty’ is the perfect introduction, complementing Elen’s overall mission to become a commercial pop star. The sound is very much a reflection of today’s contemporary urban pop fusion, not an inch out of place on a playlist with Pitbull, Scarlett Belle and Jessica Mauboy.


Elen Levon will release ‘Naughty’ to digital retailers on 23 September.



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