Leak Report: Jennifer Lopez ‘Papi’ (R3hab Remix)

Yes, papi. Give it to Limmy.

Y’know, ‘Papi’ is the one J.Lo song that I continue to stan for months after it first dropped on our digital shelves. It’s easily one of the best tracks on the pop megastar’s Love? album – an unbridled fusion of Eurodance with Latin flavourings that’s quickly becoming a signature sound for Mama Lopez. Especially after ‘On The Floor’ and all.

I’ve been so busy krumping furiously in front of the mirror to the original album version that I hadn’t paused to consider what the remixes might be like. You can always trust J.Lo‘s team to cater appropriately to the European crowd with choice club mixes from all the usual suspects, but commissioning a mix from man of the moment R3hab just screams success.

The Dutch DJ has already reimagined so many of my faves like Wynter Gordon‘s ‘Til Death’ (arguably the best remix since the Denzal Park single version) and Lady Gaga‘s ‘Judas’. He truly is the master of the build-up and eventual violent death by acidic synth whiplashes.

Check out R3hab‘s ferocious remix of J.Lo‘s ‘Papi’:


“Move your bodeh, move your bodeh… dance for your papi!”

I’m absolutely gagging for more ‘Papi’ remixes now. Did y’all clock that special new artwork just for the remix bundle? That means mama’s cooking up more in the kitchen. Get ready.


Jennifer Lopez‘s ‘Papi’ is set to impact UK/Europe in late September. The single has already been sent to Aussie radios but it’s sadly not tearing up the airwaves just yet.


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