Leona Lewis ‘Collide’ Music Video

It’s very gracious of Leona Lewis to finally let us citizens-of-the-world-outside-the-UK see her video. I mean, her team worked so very hard to create this idyllic summer dance music video, it’d be a shame for countries that actually get sunshine to miss out.

Fellow Australians, we’re literally on the edge of spring time glory here. The weather’s beautiful outside and here I am dressed in all grey sitting in my room, looking like a miserable baby elephant screen capping Leona’s video. If these sun-soaked scenes don’t make me wanna strip away my monochromatic attire and head for the beach, nothing will.

Director Ethan Lader – the man behind Mariah‘s festive ‘Oh Santa!’ video and Dev‘s ‘In The Dark’ – shot this video in LA, probably on the same beach where X Factor alumni One Direction filmed their recent video ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.

‘Collide’ quite fittingly looks like a traditional Ibiza club video, adhering to conventions like the cross fading between close ups and shots of clouds rolling, slow motion action shots and general use of scenery. Compare it with Dannii Minogue‘s ‘Perfection’ and you’ll know what I mean.

Visually, Leona is looking utterly breathtaking with the latte-coloured crop and tanned complexion. I have a really good feeling about this new era of her career. She’s stepping out with a new found womanly confidence and the assurance of a seasoned pop performer. The dance music direction didn’t sit well with me at first but after a few weeks, ‘Collide’ started to take root. Although, let’s hope for more cohesion and cutting edge sounds for her forthcoming Glass Heart album.

Leona’s journey to launch this new single hasn’t been without road blocks. As y’all know, there was that controversy re: Avicii suing her label for releasing ‘Collide’ without his approval. It was all settled pretty quick sticks because Syco‘s not about to let anybody stand in the way of their priority artist’s comeback single.

Side bar: sorry Avicii. I didn’t credit you in the title as “Leona Lewis/Avicii” because I think the slash looks hideous and besides, I don’t think you had a hand in this video at all, really. Unless that was you with the dreadlocks attempting a bikini babe hair flick in the ocean, in which case I apologise for not crediting you for your efforts.


Leona Lewis will release ‘Collide’ in the UK first on 4 September – complete with an extended version and club-ready mixes by Afrojack, Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney, and Cahill. ‘Collide’ peaked at #16 on the US dance/club charts last week, making it Leona’s first ever dance smash there.

The single was sent to Aussie radios last Monday and is expected to drop on our digital shelves on 9 September.



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