Leak Report: Dannii Minogue ‘Fear of Flying’, ‘Karma Is A Bitch’ and ‘Weak’

Queens, I know I’m preaching to the choir here when I say, Disco Dannii singing about a closeted gay man is rather Amen Fashion-worthy.

I don’t know what immeasurable good deed I’ve done in the past life to deserve this previously unreleased Dannii Minogue track now but I’m gonna take it and embrace it with all my heart.

As y’all know, the true star Minogue has been iffy about her return to music ever since her career scored a second-life in the television and fashion industry. Remember when I asked her about it last year? [Editor’s note: oh so subtle plug – download Limmy’s interview podcast with Dannii Minogue here]

‘Fear of Flying’ was co-written by Dannii herself and produced by Korpi and Blackcell (the duo behind Geri Halliwell‘s ‘Desire’ and some Bananarama Drama tracks), originally intended for release under her 2007 Unleashed compilation but was scrapped in the last minute along with other titles like ‘Karma Is A Bitch’, ‘Weak’ and ‘Healing on The Dancefloor’.

I am well aware that Danniiphiles around the interwebs have already heard this and choreographed a routine to each track but for the rest of us who just want a little taste of Danielle poetry again, this is for you.

Listen to ‘Fear of Flying’:


“He’s got a secret that he longs to share. Let his parents know that he loves a man. What if he opens up the closet door and they don’t wanna see or know him any more?”

Of course, I’m only baiting you with that line. ‘Fear of Flying’ isn’t exclusively about a closeted gay man. It’s actually flicks through different scenarios and depicts different characters facing changes in their lives. Don’t we love a good story telling pop song? This one’s a highlight for me even if the production sounds low-rent as hell now, at the time this was composed it was probably the hot ish.

Listen to ‘Karma Is A Bitch’:


“Sitting down and having my coffee, watching people on their way. Looking closely at their faces, trying to see who is honest and who is a snitch. Well, karma is a bitch.”

This one – much like its Korpi & Blackcell-produced companion ‘Fear of Flying’ – comes with a lot of ideas. Lyrically, it’s serving narrative and themes but sometimes, as songwriters we can get overly ambitious with words and compromise the flow of the track. I am totally speaking from experience here when I say, sometimes you gotta listen back to a song you’ve written and assess what’s jarring. ‘Karma Is A Bitch’ sounds like a good draft that needs a little polish before hitting the stage. Stylistically, it’s refreshingly different from stuff you’ve heard on Neon Nights. This actually feels like something you could pitch to Natalie Imbruglia circa 2002.

Listen to ‘Weak’:


“I’m weak, wounded by the truth. It cuts my skin like a jagged blade running through my veins. I’m weak, broken by the spiel of tortured words falling from poisoned lips. With wounded strength, I’m weak.”

This one leaked a while back but it’s only striking a chord with me now. I didn’t think I’d be partial to a little Dannii melancholia but this raw and stark ballad’s a nice break for those who have been disco-ing down to her remixes and club tracks.


Could these leaks be an indication of Dannii testing the waters for a pop comeback? I don’t know. I’m merely suggesting because Diva Incarnate floated the idea. Would you like to see Dannii Minogue have another stab at music?



  1. Would love to see Dannii make a come back… it has been a while since her last album…. a duet with Kylie would be amazing too…

    would pay anything to see them both touring together…

    • A double Minogue tour would be interesting only if it was an anti-tour. Like, you know, a tour that wasn’t necessarily promoting a current album. It’ll be nice to have both of them do retrospective hits and rarities etc.

  2. And now Healing On The Dancefloor as well. Great review, I’ll need to get home and listen to this podcast!

  3. Damn, all of these are sounding fantastic! All these songs would’ve made a great follow-up to Neon Nights. And you’re damn right about Karma is a Bitch… I really can her Natalie Imbruglia doing it…

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