Shannon Noll Announces “A Million Suns” Album Preview Shows

Nolly’s rolling up his sleeves and getting to work, y’guys. So for fans who are gagging to hear material from his forthcoming album live and in the flesh, this is for you.

The Idol superstar has been flying low under the radar for the past few years and to be honest, I don’t think he’s gonna have much problem slipping back into the spotlight and reclaiming his audience. There’s not a lot of Aussie male pop rockers in the game coming for Nolly’s crowd and sound, is there? On top of that, he’s a consistent artist and performer – what you’ve loved from day one is what you’re gonna love in 2011. His music doesn’t really waver to trends except the occasional forays into a more youthful spunky rock sound. But y’all can handle that.

A Million Suns – Nolly’s fourth studio album – sees him reuniting with Bryon Jones who hemmed his first two albums and collaborations with songwriters Lindsay Rimes (ace writer who has worked with everyone from Stan Walker to The McClymonts), DNA (Sydney-based team who has worked with Zoe Badwi) and good old Adam Reily who’s no stranger to the Idol franchise having worked on material for Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy, Damien Leith and Kate DeAraugo.

You can go experience the new material live in the flesh at the following venues and times. Check out the album preview shows Nolly’s playing in a city near you. Tickets go on sale today:

11 October – Brass Monkey, Cronulla
14 October – The Basement, Sydney
15 October – Cessnock Supporters Club, Cessnock
20 October – The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide
21 October – Castle Hill RSL, Castle Hill (charity event, 20-minute acoustic set)
22 October – The Tempo Hotel, Brisbane
28 October – Trak, Melbourne
29 October – York on Lillydale, Mount Evelyn

Nolly‘s comeback single ‘Switch Me On’ has been gradual on the uptake, only cracking the ARIA Top 50 this week and breaking the airplay Top 20 recently. It’s still the #1 most played song in the Gold Coast.


Shannon Noll will drop A Million Suns on 14 October.



  1. I think you might be being a little optimistic here David. Shannon’s new song is not exactly blitzing the charts. Just scraping into the ARIA Top 50, and it has already dropped out of the iTunes top 50 so he seems a long long way away from his top 10 glory days. I suppose it’s doing better than his last song Summertime released in 2008 which failed to even make the top 50. But not much better. Back in the day when he was amassing his ten top 10 singles only a few thousand sales were needed to get into the Top 10, so at least half of his top 10’s did not actually sell very much at all. I guess that now you actually need a couple of thousand sales to even crack the ARIA Top 50 and over 10,000 to crack the Top 10 his true popularity is showing. Not much. He will of course do better with the album as you don’t need that many album sales to sneak into the top 10 of the ARIA Album chart these days. A couple of thousand sales should do that for him. As to whether the album can stick around long enough to get some reasonable sales, well that remains to be seen. His greatest hits album released in 2008 certainly didn’t. Given its chart history I doubt it even came close to selling gold, in fact I would say it likely sold less than 20,000. Shannon has seen better days.

    • I mean, to be honest, I know he’s definitely got a fanbase out there just like Vanessa Amorosi. But in terms of competing with today’s pop acts on the same damn chart? It’s looking rather bleak. Very bleak.

    • Is this really you? I have never heard you sound so cordial before. “I wish him the best for his return”. Gurl, he’s making a pop comeback, not leaving the hospital.

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