Leak Report: Dannii Minogue ‘Healing On The Dancefloor’

Triple Dannii leakage in one week? The world is simply not ready for this.

All these previously unleashed tracks that would’ve made her 2007 hits and rarities compilation are now seeping through the tracks, y’all. Behold another Korpi & Blackcell produced gem titled ‘Healing On The Dancefloor’ – which strangely enough, is the most air quotes R&B Danielle Minogue has sounded in decades.

The song is no Body Language urban foray, though. So no need to cower in the corner in fear of finding a bad Minogue rap. ‘Healing On The Dancefloor’ sounds like a sensible groovy number you’d pitch to All Saints circa Saints & Sinners. I’m finding a lot of these recent Dannii leaks to be older than they seem. Did someone doctor the files? These bass lines don’t lie. They’re as telling as Madonna‘s haggard claws.

Take a listen to ‘Healing On The Dancefloor’:


It’s really saying something that these Dannii leaks [see: ‘Fear of Flying’, ‘Karma Is A Bitch’ and ‘Weak’] are up there in my Top 5 most read posts this week. Maybe the world is hungry for more Dannii after all? Or maybe it’s just the circles I run in. You queens keep me relevant.

I personally will always be curious to inspect whatever the Minogues turn their hand to but I feel particularly protective of Danielle because she has worked so hard to get to the level of respectability and bankability she is now, I’d hate for one wrong step back into music to topple her empire.

I sense that she feels the same way too. She’s not in a hurry back into the studio and back on the dance charts. I believe if the right material comes her way and she feels that she can pull it off, it’ll happen. She might even wanna test the waters with a collabo project like she did with Riva and Jason Nevins a few years back. Disco Dannii is still well connected in the circles and I’m sure if the demand is there, it will happen.


The last Dannii Minogue release to grace the world was when she dropped her previously unreleased 1995 Sessions two years ago featuring absolutely zero new studio material. The last actual new material she put out was her 2007 single with Jason Nevins ‘Touch Me Like That’.


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  1. A collaboration is the way to go, methinks. I would really like for her to make a comeback, the time is just ripe for her. Dance-pop is in, she can take it up a notch with an album like Neon Nights. It’s truly been a long time coming for her!

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