Leak Report: Havana Brown ‘Get It’

How do you follow up one of the biggest Australian singles of the year? Well, we can start by not bucking to trends and sounding like every other generic dance pop smear in the Top 20.

I know what you’re thinking. Here Limmy goes again, rolling his eyes at all the fun party music. Like, oh my god, what does he dance to when he goes out clubbing? Such a bitter little queen.

Well first of all, to answer the question no one’s actually asked, I quite like the idea of Ms DJ Havana Brown turning her hand to pop music vixenry. I am not ashamed to admit that the bitch caught me off guard when she came out with ‘We Run The Night’. Yes, she may seem like our homegrown answer to Cascada in a lot of ways but that song was just flawless. See what I was so looking forward to with her next step was something more refreshing and sophisticated – but who am I kidding?

If ‘We Run The Night’ was a stroblit Ibiza getaway then ‘Get It’ is the debaucherous trip to Vegas that follows. Sonically, it’s serving frenetic modern day club beats with typical call-outs you’d expect to hear on a Pitbull or Taio Cruz hook.

Check out a preview of ‘Get It’:


Would you hit it? I think I might sit this one out and sip my tea in the shade.


Havana Brown will drop ‘Get It’ on 9 September.


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