Leak Report: Natalie Bassingthwaighte ‘All We Have (Khaled Remix)’

No self-respecting popstar with an X Factor gig will pass on this opportunity to cross promote. While it’s not confirmed as yet whether Natalie Bassingthwaighte will be performing her new single on the show, the fact that she’s lined up new material to capitalise on the show’s prominence says that she’s got her shit together.

The former Neighbours siren really hit the ground running with her pop music initiation as front woman of Rogue Traders but the eventual solo album was a little hit and miss for me. 1000 Stars had glimmers of excellence with ‘Someday Soon’ and the disco hypnotico ‘Could You Be Loved’ but on the whole, it didn’t establish Nat as an exciting popstar so much as just another purveyor of leftover Kylie material.

Her new single ‘All We Have’ is set to impact Australian radios soon but before they let you have that, Sony Music Australia is treating fans to a remix. Perhaps a good way to test the waters? You never know, really. Could she have herself a little club hit with this one?

Listen to ‘All We Have (Khaled Remix):


I’m not sure what the intention is with this one. The beat is sick’ning and all but it’s not really giving me an adequate taste of the song. There are elements that recall J.Lo‘s ‘On The Floor’ which I hope is more prevalent in the original single mix. We shall reconvene when that drops to discuss whether this is a hit or miss.


Natalie Bassingthwaighte‘s ‘All We Have’ is slated for release on 23 September.


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