Leona Lewis ‘Collide’ (Live on Red or Black)

It goes without saying that Leona Lewis has never looked better. Her styling is utterly on point in this new era and with any luck, this new dance single of hers will chart just as favourably.

Here we have the three-time Grammy nominated X Factor siren performing ‘Collide’ for the first time on telly and of course, you wouldn’t expect the affair to be anything less than mega budget.

The concept of this Red or Black game show is still foreign to me so as you can imagine, I’m more fixated with the shuffling suitcases than I am on her performance. Not to shade the girl or anything but it’s a typical Leona live experience – flawless looks, (predominantly) brilliant vocals and just a pinch of shakiness.

Take a look at ‘Collide’ live on Red or Black:

The thing about Leona Lewis is that, she’s still evolving and growing as a performer. It’s endearing to watch but at the same time, it gets rather frustrating as well. I bought her Labyrinth Tour DVD and have to say, despite the immaculate sets and various razzle dazzle, she – as the star of the show – failed to connect and convey a decent amount of showmanship.

Let’s hope she steps up to the mark this time around because I believe the Glass Heart era could open up a bigger and bolder Leona. I just have a feeling about it.


Leona Lewis releases ‘Collide’ in the UK today.


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