Matt Cardle ‘Run For Your Life’ Music Video

Last year’s UK X Factor winner Matt Cardle just demonstrated why his post-show career is gonna be just fine.

He may not have been the flashiest or the most exciting to watch in the series but Matt Cardle has a sound that speaks to lovers of Snow Patrol and various pub giggers of sorts. Queens like me who are still switchin’ it up to ‘Swagger Jagger’ need not apply. Everything from his image through to his sentimentalism just works as a package. We saw it from the minute he auditioned.

In fact, the greatest triumph for Matt is coming through his X Factor journey looking relatively uncompromised and gimmick-free. Now with the opportunity to present himself as a recording artist, which as been the goal all the long, Matt proves that he’s just as you found him a year ago. No tricks, no games – just Matt brandishing an emotionally-charged vocal performance about feeling inadequate.

Check out his single ‘Run For Your Life’ – a gem that was penned by current X Factor judge and top notch songwriter Gary Barlow:


Although it’s the only new material on the album Matt didn’t co-write, he said the song still feels like his own.

“I’d been trying to write a song like that for a long, long time, probably five or six years. As soon as I heard it I just felt the song was mine. Lyrically it’s about not being good enough for the person you’re with. I know exactly what that’s like. I was nearly in tears recording the vocals,” he told The Sun.

The ‘Run For Your Life’ video complements the song and his image to a tee. With Matt Cardle, nothing was ever gonna be a huge extravagant production. Well, at least it shouldn’t show anyway. Everyone involved in the project knows the key to preserving his credibility as a singer/songwriter is to vanquish any sign of ostentatious talent show production and keep it as reflective of the music as possible.

Could Matt transcend the fickle lifespan of talent show winners to become a well-loved and respected recording artist like Will Young?


Matt Cardle will release ‘Run For Your Life’ in the UK on 1o October, a week before his debut album Letters arrives.



  1. I love me some MOR stuff every now and then, and I kind of imagine Matt cardling me up to this… if that drift catches on… haha

  2. Haha, I couldn’t help myself, I think he’s a fine bloke… ;)

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