Wynter Gordon ‘Buy My Love’ Music Video

I have been rocking back and forth in a corner, crying and shaking at the fabulosity of Wynter Gordon‘s new video. It’s almost too much for a stan to handle.

It’s safe to say that my boo has once again delivered a music video that represents equal parts of her stunning personal style and cheeky demeanour – albeit, rendered in 80’s video pastiche. If ‘Til Death’ gave us a glimpse of how hard Wynter goes in a club, then ‘Buy My Love’ demonstrates the self-styled Ferris Bueller of Pop‘s unmatched dedication to thrift store trawlings.

I like to think that everyone dreamt in colour and saw potential for something hicamp the minute they heard ‘Buy My Love’. I even came up with a whole concept of Wynter paying homage to The Nanny and 90s fashion for the video but this is just too cute.


Video director Bek Stupak – whose portfolio boasts highly colourful and kitschy music clips like Cazwell‘s ‘I Saw Beyonce at Burger King’ and Amanda Lepore‘s ‘Cotton Candy’ – really was the right person to bring Wynter’s vision to life. The ‘Dirty Talk’ singer sets the scene in a vintage store on Valentine’s Day some minutes away in the 80’s, where she is seen running amok with her best friend (played by Zelda Williams) trying on clothes and serving some seriously on-point choreography.

Here are three reasons why ‘Buy My Love’ is – unbiasedly – declared one of Feed Limmy‘s favourite videos of 2011:

1) Vintage vixenry.

Now let’s examine why this production comes so style correct not just for a popstar but for Ms Gordon specifically. Everything about ‘Buy My Love’ just seem like a hyper-chic and appropriate portrayal of Wynter‘s image and personal style. Three solo singles in and I think the world is now coming to terms with who Wynter Gordon is and her place in today’s pop market.

Over the last nine months, we’ve seen the New York native emerge as a style icon in her own right with eye-catching vintage/thrift store pieces that complement the 80’s to early 90’s eleganza reflected in her pop melodies. Where other major label popstars continue to outdo one another with highly couture and abstract costumes and wigs, Wynter’s organic op shop style is a breath of fresh air.

With Ms Gordon, it has never been about the label or showy extravagance of what you’re wearing. It’s about street style, a collision of influences, and recycled richness. You sell the garment, don’t let the garment sell you.

2) Is this available on VHS?

Somebody explain to the pre-teens why this music video is not shot in wide screen and why there’s Vaseline on the lens? Director Bec Stupak managed to rekindle fond memories of watching VHS-quality videos in the three-minute time span given thanks to a few well recognised conventions, including the video title fonts.

And I know I’m not imagining things when I say this but look carefully, there are actually very subtle whisps of white lines through the reel that’s reminiscent of old VHS video playbacks. Y’all better appreciate!

I would love it the label didn’t hesitate to spend more on Wynter Gordon. Imagine if they produced a collector’s edition ‘Buy My Love’ single, enclosed in a VHS video tape (and accompanying plastic case)? Do you copy? I’m talking about putting a USB full of ‘Buy My Love’ remixes and video clip inside a VHS tape, with signed postcards in the package and everything. It’s the ultimate modern-vintage experience.

3) “You can’t buy my love but you should try…”

The first thing that hit me with this concept of Wynter going all thrift store on us for ‘Buy My Love’ is how it counters the song’s “gold digger” themes. ‘Buy My Love’ – the video – almost completely removed ‘love’ and materialism from the equation by depicting Wynter spending Valentine’s Day with her gal pal, shopping up a storm in a thrift store. This is evidently genius etc. etc.


Wynter Gordon‘s ‘Buy My Love’ is produced by Axwell of Swedish House Mafia fame and co-written with Nicole Morier (who helped our gurl pen her international dance smash ‘Dirty Talk’). ‘Buy My Love’ became the sixth most added new song to Australian radios this week, ahead of heavyweights like Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Vanessa Amorosi. The DJ Chuckie remix is currently moving up the ARIA Top 50 Club Charts.

There’s a million ways to show your devotion to Ms Wynter Gordon so don’t you hesitate to follow the Wynter Warriors Tumblr blog for all the latest tea.



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