Sugababes ‘Freedom’ (Acoustic) Live at Super Saturday

I can’t decide whether going acoustic for this festival was a good idea or just unnecessary risk for Sugababes 4.0.

There were some moments of magic when Heidi, Amelle and Jade smooth out the harmonies together but on the whole, I don’t think the arrangement worked overly well in selling the song.

‘Freedom’ is billed as the all important new single for the ladies on their new label. The reception has been somewhat lukewarm and none of the live performances I’ve seen thus far have really convinced me that it’s gonna set the charts alight when it drops later this month.

You gotta give them snaps for trying to make it work though but personally, I’d start testing the waters with another track now. Y’know, like maybe start performing a prospective second single just to see if people are any more excited to hear that?

Watch Sugababes do ‘Freedom’ acoustic style live at Super Saturday:


Once again, it’s another painful wardrobe situation where Amelle and Jade look like they were dressed by proper pop star stylists and Heidi just came in whatever she found in the recycle bin out the back. There’s nothing flattering about them high waisted pencil skirts on her. The only time I’ve seen it kinda work on Heidi was when she was posing the house down in them for the Sweet 7 cover art but even that deserved a little side eye for photoshop assistance.


Sugababes will release ‘Freedom’ on 25 September in the UK. Should we be expecting a Top 10 entry?


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