Nicola Roberts ‘Lucky Day’ Live at Super Saturday

Is it possible that Nicola Roberts is becoming more confident on stage on her own now with single number two? Don’t be daft, of course it is.

It’s been nine years in the game for the Girls Aloud siren and yet this feels like the first time we’re getting properly acquainted. With her quirky debut single ‘Beat of My Drum’ now put to rest as the sleeper pop single of the year, I honestly can’t wait to see how people react to something more radiant like, say, ‘Lucky Day’.

Here’s Nicola rocking the new single like a boss at Super Saturday – complete with some well-festive explosion of streamers on stage:


This is about 250% better than the first time I watched her perform ‘Lucky Day’ at some random festival months ago. Her vocals are on point, she’s moving about, and best of all, it actually seems like she’s enjoying it. But will the kids go wild for ‘Lucky Day’? Bitch, I’ve been lip synching for my life all week in my car to the song and you can’t help but crack a smile when she goes, “MWAH-MWAH-MWAH-MWAH”. This has to be huge.

In case you haven’t noticed, her team is going all out with the ‘Lucky Day’ digital campaign. They’ve launched a month-long ‘Lucky Day’ prize give away spree on her official website and best of all, an animated scratchie shows up when you enter. Kudos all round for cuteness.

The single will drop this coming Sunday, a week before the album. It’s no secret that Nicola‘s the dark horse of the British girl band and everyone’s just gagging to see what she pulls out of the bag for her debut Cinderella’s Eyes. There was never any mystery or allure to what Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle or Sarah Harding was gonna do musically. Can’t wait to hear it!


Nicola will release ‘Lucky Day’ on 18 September in the UK. The digital single bundle will come with a karaoke version of ‘Lucky Day’, the amazing Digital Dogs remix and a b-side ‘Fix Me’. Those who pre-order the single on iTunes will also cop an exclusive Cinderella’s Eyes album mini sampler.


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