Aqua “Megalomania” Album Cover Art and Tracklisting

The wait is almost over for the almighty Aqua‘s return.

Everyone’s favourite 90’s Danish pop sensation is putting everything at stake here for a shot at relevance again. Y’all know things were probably best left as they were – fond memories of karaoke nights to ‘Barbie Girl’ and Safari-themed birthdays dancing to ‘Dr Jones’?

However, it would be amiss for the quartet to not at least give it a shot now in a pop climate so receptive to mixed groups with a dance/pop influence. Their comeback single ‘How R U Doin?’ was A-game material and it gave fans a shot of confidence in their ability to still sound fresh for today’s market.

The forthcoming third studio album Megalomania will hopefully recall the fun-loving melody driven pop they were known for, mixed with a tinge of darkness that made frontwoman Lene‘s solo album so appealing. They are grown memaw and pepaws now. They gotta act right.

Check on the official Megalomania album tracklisting:

1 – Playmate to Jesus
2 – Dirty Little Pop Song
3 – Kill Myself
4 – Like A Robot
5 – Viva Las Vegas
6 – No Party Patrol
7 – Come N’ Get It
8 – Sucker For A Superstar
9 – Be My Saviour Tonight
10 – How R U Doin?
11 – If The World Didn’t Suck (We Would All Fall Off)

The album release will be preceded by two new digital singles ‘Playmate to Jesus’ and ‘Like A Robot’ – both will come with accompanying music videos. Check out the respective cover arts:

Are we living for the surreal, photoshop central art direction here?

Based on the previews we’ve heard, ‘Like A Robot’ is an instant fave. Its fierce, petulant lyrics rendered over familiar Pitbull-style beats could not come any harder especially when Lene growls, “Everywhere I go guys say I’m so hot, so why do you still fuck me like a robot?”

Take a listen:

On the flip side, ‘Playmate to Jesus’ is a little mystifying – a lush orchestral ballad layered with electronic squelches and bleeps for good measure. Both were obviously despatched to display complementing light and shades of the forthcoming album. Do you dig?


Aqua will release Megalomania on Danish iTunes on 3 October. Both new singles are already out digitally there.



    • There’s always the option of importing, I guess! I absolutely can’t wait to hear the rest of it :)

    • You have no idea how this frustrates me. I desperately wanna play that song on radio and there’s not a clean version in sight!

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