Hayley Teal Readies Debut Single

There was evidently only one pop diva who reigned supreme on last year’s Aussie X Factor and it’s about time she came back for her crown.

Hayley Teal – the flame-haired vixen who dazzled us with fierce performances like ‘Queen of The Night’ and ‘When Love Takes Over’ – is ready to release her eagerly anticipated debut single. The 21-year old has been dabbling in a variety of styles from her R&B roots through to more current dance forays, so we can expect for her forthcoming album to be a strong mix of marketable pop of every flavour.

Ms Teal managed to hook up with Paul Mac for several tracks that will appear on both his upcoming album and her debut LP. She has also interestingly enough written and recorded a track with Good Charlotte‘s Benji Madden. And just between us gurls, Hayley also wrote and workshopped some songs with my songwriting/production team: Shadow Rose. The two songs that came out of our time together sound very much like prime Top 40 pop/R&B material: we’re talking slamming beats, soulful vocals and effective lyrics. Who knows if they’ll make the cut. You know how it is! Gurl, we should be so lucky for it to come out as a b-side or some kind of iTunes bonus track in the South African edition.

Watch Hayley turn out ‘Bust Your Windows’ like a boss. One of my faves!

I’m gonna be real and say, I don’t think Australia really got a feel of how versatile Hayley Teal really is. Throughout the competition, Nat Imbruglia only really picked songs that accentuated one style of “belty” singing when really, the girl shines with impeccable vocal control, and her atmospheric soft tones are often better suited to more subtle arrangements.

I expect for everyone to get properly reacquainted with the X Factor vixen starts releasing her own material. Stay tuned.


Hayley Teal will drop her debut single by the end of the year and said album should arrive early 2012. Check on her recently launched website for all the latest.


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