V V Brown Drops Sporadic New Album Teasers

Vanessa Brown has been away for a minute or two putting together this sophomore album of hers and now she’s ready to let these children have it. [Editor’s note: hint.]

Question for the pop music philosophers in the room: how do you follow up an album of Travelling Like The Light‘s magnitude? V V had us all fixated with her winning blend of summer sheen doo-wop, sass and afropunk. Her top notch singles like ‘Crying Blood’, ‘Leave!’ and ‘Shark In The Water’ all deserved to be bigger than they were. In fact, I cried injustice when she failed to launch here in Australia, especially given the belated summer release of her album. How did the rest of the country get through three months of sunshine, beach outings and backyard barbecues without Travelling Like The Light? I will never know.

But as with a lot of our British pop faves that emerged in the last two years – clock: Marina & The Diamonds – one is apprehensive to see if lightning will indeed strike twice. The forthcoming album sees Vanessa team up with an eclectic mix of writers and producers. See: Evan “Kidd” Bogart (co-writer of Beysus‘s ‘Halo’), Jean Baptiste (Black Eyed Peas and Kelis), Mr Griffiths (Jem), Bjorn Yttling (of Swedish indie rockers Peter Bjorn and John), and Chuck Harmony (the man behind A-grade records for Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige and Fantasia).

While there are no actual snippets of any songs previewed here, what we’re glimpsing are the back bones and phalanges of the album.

Here’s one gloriously artistic exhibition of ice cream melting in reverse:

And there’s one of drums. You always need drums on a pop album. Good work, Vanessa:

How about a nice spot of cello? So sophisticated.

And finally, a really quick glimpse at the album photo shoot.


V V Brown shot the music video for the album’s first single – ‘Children’ (produced by Chuck Harmony) – in L.A. this week while the album’s getting mastered in New York. Details of the new project’s title and release date will be revealed soon.


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