Anthony Callea Readies Comeback Single ‘Oh Oh Oh Oh’

This is gonna be quite a departure from the warbles of ‘The Prayer’ and ‘Rain’, I hope you old stans can keep up.

Aussie pop’s own Italian stallion Anthony Callea is sashaying back out and flaunting a more contemporary direction with his comeback single ‘Oh Oh Oh Oh’. The pocket-sized Idol darling co-wrote the track with Black Eyed PeasDJ Poet in his LA studio and it’ll be the first fruit of Callea’s 18-month writing/recording stint.

Y’all recognise that this is Anthony‘s first release in over four years, yeah? It honestly feels like generations have passed since the last time I saw his video or heard his voice. I mean, gurl. So much has happened in that time. Ricki-Lee has released a greatest hits package and been every size on the rack, Casey Donovan has staged multiple low-key comebacks, and Em Rusciano has reinvented herself as a TV personality. Meanwhile, Anthony hasn’t aged a bit and he’s still one half of Australian entertainment’s power gay couple.

He’s had a flawless discography to date with every single released making Top 20 here. ‘The Prayer’ held the record for biggest weekly single sales in Australia that sat unchallenged for almost seven years. Obviously, the industry has changed a lot since and so has Anthony’s artistic interests. It’ll be interesting to see if he can recapture even half that success in this new era.

The Melbourne-based singer has already filmed the video for ‘Oh Oh Oh Oh’ [see snap above]. I am praying to Bocelli that it’s not some insipid wannabe Pitbull club banga. All you queens who will be living it up at Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s only Sydney show (Homesexual – 2 October) will be treated to Anthony’s debut live performance of ‘Oh Oh Oh Oh’. Get ready.


Anthony Callea will drop ‘Oh Oh Oh Oh’ to Aussie radios on Monday with a digital release slated for 7 October.



  1. The fact that he’s going to be at Homosexual White makes me almost not want to go and see Sophie >.<

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