Cher Lloyd Confirms Second Single: ‘With Ur Love’

Swagtastic X Factor brat Cher Lloyd tones down the ferocity and ropes in American pop sensation Mike Posner for her second single.

‘With Ur Love’ is a summery pop mid-tempo with slight marching band beats perforating through, kinda reminiscent of a lost Nicole Scherzinger demo from the Her Name is Nicole sessions. It’s got nothing on the hard-hitting grooves of ‘Swagger Jagger’ – Cher’s debut single, which topped the UK charts just a few months ago.

It seems like a very underwhelming choice when there are so many fiercer and quirkier songs on the forthcoming album. Options like ‘Superhero’ or even the frenetic ‘Dub On The Track’ would’ve slayed and pushed Cher’s image as a game changer rather than just another pedestrian pop purveyor.

Take a listen to ‘With Ur Love’ featuring Mike Posner:

Young Cher will be bringing ‘With Ur Love’ down to Radio 1 on 21 September for its UK radio premiere. Y’all can expect for some kind of X Factor performance to happen later down the line when the album’s ripe in November.


Cher Lloyd will release ‘With Ur Love’ (featuring Mike Posner) on 30 October. Does she have another chart topper at hand? Not likely. I’ll provide concession for a Top 5 entry at best.


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