Darren Hayes Wants You To Unlock The Secret Code

See how much fun it can be when Darren Hayes has major label coins to play with?

Promo and marketing for the Aussie pop darling’s current Secret Codes and Battleships era is well off the chain. It’s great to see fan comps done on a grand scale like this with concepts that fit the album’s theme and Dazza’s geeky persuasion – y’all ready for this?

Darren Hayes has announced a Secret Code competition that’ll allow fans around the globe to unlock a piece of the album prior to its release. The code is split into four parts, each placed into a bottle and scattered around the world. There’ll be clues posted on Dazza’s website twice a week to help you track down these bottles – the first one will be announced tomorrow morning in Australia (Monday night UK time for those playing up there).

What chu win for discovering the codes/bottles: a limited edition collector’s version of Secret Codes and Battleships and a personal phone call from Darren Hayes himself. *soils panties*

On a grander and more humanitarian scheme of things – everyone wins when all four codes are discovered, because combined, they’ll reveal a master password for everyone to access a piece of the album. Check on Darren’s official website for all the latest tea.

Secret Codes and Battleships will be available in three different editions – standard, special and limited collector’s edition. The special edition will come with seven additional tracks and will be readily available anywhere the standard one is, while the limited collector’s version will feature a whopping 12 additional tracks plus a violet vinyl. That’s a whole muhfuggin’ album’s worth of Dazza gold, y’guys. As if you stans will pass up on an item like that!

The album’s second international single ‘Black Out The Sun’ is already getting plays on UK’s Radio 2 and other stations, while the Aussie single ‘Bloodstained Heart’ was sent to local stations to coincide with his X Factor appearance.


Darren HayesSecret Codes and Battleships album will drop in the UK on 17 October and everywhere else on 21 October.



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