Vanessa Amorosi Reveals “V” Album Cover

I really wish they had fed us the tracklisting for the album too. Instead, I’m left a little half fulfilled with this V Mama post and will just have to do without.

Australia’s premiere vocal powerhouse Vanessa Amorosi is still one of the most important pop artists this country has to offer and now with her fifth studio album, V, touted to be her boldest and sassiest body of work yet – we’ll just have to wait and see if it matches the success of her last record: Hazardous. All the same mechanisms appear to be in place, albeit new and improved – if that’s to be believed.

The best part about this cover image is how evocative it is of old school Ness Ness. There’s something distinctly classic about that look – it’s feminine and polished, the latter being a quality I’m sure will be reflected in V‘s sonic production.

The melismatic diva has roped in A-list producers Stateside like John Fields (the man behind hits for Pink and Delta Goodrem), Jimmy Harry (Kylie and Britney) and Macho Psycho – who did Vanessa’s last album. While the majority of you slept on V‘s petulant first release ‘Gossip’, I know few can deny V Mama when she’s coming hard with a blazing mid-tempo like ‘Amazing’.

Take a look at the music video here if you haven’t already:


Are you living for the dress that resembles a black Christmas tree from Myers? I am frankly speechless at the whole thing. The production is once again done locally in Melbourne [Editor’s note: actually a bit further out of Melbourne, down at Black Rocks Beach] and this time behind the camera is director Stuart Gosling, who has hemmed videos for the likes of Nelly Furtado and Good Charlotte.


Vanessa Amorosi will launch V on 28 October. ‘Amazing’ debuted at #15 on our ARIA Australian Chart this week – something of a rebound for the girl after ‘Gossip’ failed to register at all there or the ARIA Top 50.



  1. What a stunning location for the AMAZING video, a gorgeous setting for a beautiful song.
    Hazardous was a brilliant album by Vanessa, and if the new single AMAZING is anything to go by, then “V” will be just Awesome. I am really looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. Great to see you back in the charts Vanessa :)

  2. I love the song, and the vid is beautiful. Both reveal a Vanessa that is mature and well defined, but one that is also girlish and fun. A real treat.

  3. Was looking forward to Vanessa’s new cd, i notice it isnt released now until the end of Jan 2012.. hope it is worth the wait..

    • Oh dear. Is that what’s happened to it? I haven’t had a look at this last week’s release schedule!

      • Yes pre-order says 26th of Jan ?? thought the cd was coming out this year and she was going to tour also ? Maybe it is a good thing waiting until next year..

  4. Got an email from Vanessa.. one she sends out to all her fans on her mailing list.. cant copy and paste it but it says she is focused on making sure she delivers good music that is worth listening too so that is why the album has been pushed back..

    She also would love to give a time but unfortunatley to make great songs you cant put a timeline on it

    it was an extremly hard decision to make as she has been looking forward to being on the road with everyone..

    so there you go.. if you want to read her message it is on her website and facebook i think..

  5. does sound odd ? maybe she didnt get the response she was after with Gossip and Amazing…

    • I mean, really, if that’s the best she can offer on that album – she’s probably right to go back to the drawing board. Hazardous was just all killer, no filler. No excuse to downgrade from that experience, right?

      • Yes you are right . lets hope she gets some new killer songs…

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