Jennifer Lopez ‘Papi’ Music Video

How is it possible that J.Lo is still serving us career-defining shoots like this? Come on, y’guys. ‘Papi’ has to be one of her best music videos ever.

The American Idol judge and Latin pop sensation unexpectedly upgraded her videography with the third single from her Love? album, clocking an elaborate production of comedic and Hollywood budget proportions. The song has always been a fave of mine ever since it was commissioned as an iTunes promo single in April but with the last single ‘I’m Into You’ failing to match the success of ‘On The Floor’, I was starting to worry that folks were losing interest in the project.

There really is no excuse for the world to sleep on ‘Papi’ now after a defining video like this. Acclaimed director Paul Hunter, who hasn’t worked on a J.Lo video since ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’, sure spared no expense to make this reunion count. The plot follows Jennifer getting chased around town by hoards of men who want a piece of her after she chomped on some voodoo cookie that made her instantly irresistible. Yes, in her hideous physical condition the bitch needed all the help she could get. SMH.

Check out three highlights of the video:

1) C is for cookie and comedy.

I love how this video isn’t just a showy epic bowled over with action stunts and shit. There’s actually a well ridiculous narrative that allows J.Lo to flaunt her strengths as a comedic actress. Is she gagging to be in another rom com already? Also, I love the implied reading that Ms Lopez can’t help but bite off more than she can chew with love. [Editor’s note: further explorative cookie reading here, courtesy of Lady Gaga Charity Inc.]

2) The dance breakdown.

We can’t ignore one of the most important corner stones of music video artistry: the epic dance breakdown. Here it’s not just a regular dance break where you go hard and slay your viewers with ferocity. J.Lo has already been there and done that for centuries. What’s refreshing about this sequence in ‘Papi’ is seeing her execute that with a bit of comedy. At times ‘Papi’ feels more like an extended Fiat commercial or musical trailer than say a pop video but who said you have to play by the rules these days? Sometimes when you’re observing the track record of consistently sexy video vixens like J.Lo or Britney – introducing a fun comedic music video could prove far more refreshing than simply trying to out-do their last pussy pop.

3) Dance for your puppy.

I’m sorry, gurl, that was just too good to pass up. I swear I’m done now.


J.Lo released ‘Papi’ as her official third Love? single on 13 September. The song became the highest new entry on the US Billboard Dance/Club charts last Thursday, entering at #28. ‘Papi’ will be despatched to US mainstream and rhythmic radios on 27 September.



  1. Love this clip was so excited when the next single was going to be “Papi”
    She is an amazing performer love love love JLo
    Craig / point cook

    • Hiya Craig! :) Really hope ‘Papi’ goes Top 10 world over. It truly deserves to be huge. I am addicted to it!

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