Darren Hayes ‘Bloodstained Heart’ Music Video

And I thought for one second they weren’t gonna make a video for this. Silly Limmy.

Darren Hayes‘ Aussie-only single ‘Bloodstained Heart’ really needs to seize the nation’s heart and give it a good squeeze right about now. Y’all might have slept on ‘Talk Talk Talk’ but there’s no way I’m letting anyone out of the room until they start stanning for this one.

I am not sure what the situation is with radio rotation of ‘Bloodstained Heart’ but it’s not anywhere to be found in the Australian iTunes Top 200. This is very disheartening. I hope with whatever buzz of this lovely video can garner, people of this country will be reminded that there’s a supremely talented homegrown act dying to be commercially re-embraced.

Take a look at ‘Bloodstained Heart’ – starring Darren’s deliciously cotton candy pink lips. Sorry Richard – no lustful thoughts of disrespect intended. I know he’s a married man but a boy can dream, right?


The video is a simple, life-affirming story of devotion played out through a series of subtle flashbacks. Although, truth be told, I was kinda gripping tight to the arm rest towards the end because the last thing I wanna see is this video climaxing at a tragic death. My heart would not have coped.


Darren Hayes‘ forthcoming Secret Codes and Battleships album arrives 17 October in the UK and 21 October everywhere else. The second international single ‘Black Out The Sun’ will be released next month.



  1. Oh my gosh. I’m in love with this song…And Darren is still such a beauty!

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