Aqua ‘Playmate to Jesus’ Music Video

These crusty old pop purveyors are looking amazing, even when they’re flaunting a gothic glam mode that’s wildly uncharacteristic of their fluorescent past.

Aqua‘s 2011 comeback is coming off correct as far as I can tell. ‘Playmate to Jesus’ is one of two composite singles released to precede their third studio album Megalomania. This evidently representing the mature, lush balladry side foreshadowed in previous glories like ‘Turn Back Time’ and their 2009 sleeper single ‘My Mamma Said’.

The quartet look amazingly stylish as a pop group, with Lene expectedly stealing every scene in her Countess of Couture presentation. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, really. The same heel-less shoes Gaga and Posh have stomped pavements with, the same black cross taped over nipples that I’m sure Lil Kim would come forth and claim influence of, and the same sombre icy tones reminiscent of Kerli‘s ‘Army of Love’ video. But at this stage of the game, it’s not really about originality – is it? Nobody’s clocking for Aqua to set trends and reinvent the wheel. What we wanna see is an evolution of their winning pop sound into something believable and relevant to today’s market.

Check out ‘Playmate to Jesus’ and tell me if they’ve hit the mark:

As far as I’m concerned, this is A+ for effort. Especially if you’re consuming this side by side with their other new single ‘Like A Robot’. Where their prime time hits Aquarium and Aquarius provided a tour de force of guilty pleasure pop, you can tell this album’s gonna give us more light and shade – more moments. Something we haven’t necessarily come to identify with the Aqua brand yet.


Aqua will release Megalomania on 3 October in Denmark. The rest of the world, just check on the interwebs for a leak.


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