Florence + The Machine “Ceremonials” Album Cover and Tracklisting

You know that last Florence + The Machine album was the gift that kept giving. Seriously, no one could make it stop.

Now the waify-voiced English artiste is back with her sophomore Ceremonials and by the looks of things, she’s showing no signs of slowing down with this era either. Much new music is waiting to be unleashed.

The album was a relatively quick turn around for Florence and the project’s sole collaborator Paul Epworth, who famously hemmed Adele‘s monster selling 21. I believe the pair only took two or three weeks to nail it. Ceremonials was preceded by a rather organic sounding teaser single ‘What The Water Gave Me’, which despite all the excitement of being a brand new Flo track, only managed to creep up to #24 in the UK and #91 in the US Billboard Hot 100.

The Ceremonials era quickly carried on with its “official” first single – ‘Shake It Out’ – which hears the flame-haired warbler serve up some gospel realness. The song was promptly released to Aussie digital retailers last week but for those gagging for more, wait for the UK EP. That one promises a Benny Benassi dance remix, if you’re so inclined.

In the interim, check out the official tracklisting for Flo’s Ceremonials album and the extra goodies that comes with the deluxe edition:

1 – Only If For A Night
2 – Shake It Out
3 – What The Water Gave Me
4 – Never Let Me Go
5 – Breaking Down
6 – Lover to Lover
7 – No Light, No Light
8 – Seven Devils
9 – Heartlines
10 – Spectrum
11 – All This and Heaven Too
12 – Leave My Body

Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

13 – Remain Nameless
14 – Strangeness & Charm
15 – Bedroom Hymns
16 – What The Water Gave Me (Demo)
17 – Landscape (Demo)
18 – Heartlines (Acoustic)
19 – Shake It Out (Acoustic)
20 – Breaking Down (Acoustic)

This should really be a treat for all them Flo fans. I imagine for the collection to grow as she begins touring and such. It seems to be increasingly common for album eras to drag out and spawn re-releases these days.


Florence + The Machine will release Ceremonials in Australia on 28 October.



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