Nicola Roberts ‘Yo-Yo’, ‘Lucky Day’ and ‘i’ (Live Acoustic on MSN)

Our new priestess of cool Britannia pop, Nicola Roberts, will dazzle y’all in this brief acoustic set she did exclusively for MSN. If it sounds like I’m stating the obvious then thankfully, you’re one of the few who are already in on Nic’s brilliance. Skeptics, please walk this way.

The Girls Aloud siren’s eagerly awaited debut album Cinderella’s Eyes came out in Ireland first yesterday and much to the interwebs’ delight, some generous Irish fans were kind enough to pirate share the love three days ahead of the UK release. Needless to say, Nicola’s material has once again earned more overwhelmingly positive reviews than say, anything Cheryl or Nadine put out.

Ginge’s underground electro pop persuasion serviced with fluorescent hooks and honest lyricism is an absolute force to be reckoned with. This whole solo project has been a delightful proper introduction to the porcelain-complexioned star we’ve watched for nine years but never really got to know.

Nicola Roberts‘ vocal tone is something of a multi-faceted and highly textured beast – as you’ll discover with this acoustic set. It really makes you grip your chest with indignation to think that for years she was only ever allowed to sing in a soft tone when she was with Girls Aloud. Behold – because I haven’t hyped this up enough – La Roberts’ acoustic set for MSN:

‘Yo-Yo’ – the potential third single from Cinderella’s Eyes:

‘Lucky Day’ – the current single. Anyone else inadvertently started singing Christina Aguilera‘s ‘I Am’ to that piano intro?

‘i’ – a deeply confessional album track. Very quotable:


Nicola RobertsCinderella’s Eyes will arrive on UK store fronts on 26 September. As for the rest of the world, no other release dates have been confirmed as yet – y’all will just have to import it like I have. PS – I got an email advising that my autographed copy was despatched yesterday. Panties were soiled etc.



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