Havana Brown ‘Get It’ Music Video

Look. You really gotta hand it to the ho. She knows how to make it rain.

I’ve now reached an unstable state of mind after watching the video, unable to accurately judge whether ‘Get It’ is still as rubbish as the first time I heard it or not. Hovana’s voodoo video vixenry has once again confused my senses. Y’all know I can’t deny a scantily clad minx working a wind machine and writhing around all moist and shit. It’s what made Holly Valance so great.

‘Get It’ is Havana’s follow up to her stunning debut ‘We Run The Night’, which is easily one of the longest staying Aussie singles in our Top 50 this year. It is once again fashioned to be both club and radio ready but where its predecessor sounded more European slash Cascada appropriate, ‘Get It’ comes for the American club creatures. The track is once again produced by Hovana’s fave producers More Mega and co-written by Cassie Davis, both are also responsible for Nat Bassingthwaighte disappointing new single ‘All We Have’. Put it this way, I was appalled with ‘Get It’ until I heard that. It’s really saying something when a top-selling artist comes out with flop material that Havana Brown herself won’t accept.

Frankly, ‘Get It’ – the video – is giving me everything I’ve ever asked for: an Aussie female pop artist who looks and sounds ready for the international market. We, in the land Down Under, really are in no position to be writing off any of our divas who are making an effort like this.

Check out Havana Brown‘s fierce video for ‘Get It’:


This tasteful display is literally giving me visions of Sugababes ‘Freedom’, Britney‘s ‘Till The World Ends’ and Nicole Scherzinger‘s ‘Wet’. The wet grimy basement club set is arguably the most overused scene in female pop videos this year. Why can’t y’all be sexing it up in a furniture store or something?


Havana Brown‘s ‘Get It’ tumbles to #47 on the ARIA Top 50 in its second week. Y’all should know that there’s already a US version of ‘We Run The Night’ circulating the interwebs – featuring Pitbull and produced by RedOne. Hear it here.



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