Adele ‘Someone Like You’ Music Video

It’s amazing what a few video music awards nods can do to inspire Adelegend to get off the couch and shoot another video.

The British pop warbler already has the biggest selling album of the year in 21 and where its first single ‘Rolling In The Deep’ scored some manic chart-topping success in the States, for the rest of the world, it was ‘Someone Like You’ that sealed the deal.

After some nine months of bitches sobbing hysterically in their office cubicle every time the song came on the radio, Adele finally shoots and releases a video for ‘Someone Like You’ – featuring nothing more sombre than black and white footage of her walking down the street. Director Jake Nava, who has crafted some A+ productions like Natalie Imbruglia‘s ‘Shiver’ and Leona Lewis‘ ‘Happy’, had the soul siren up at the crack of dawn so he could capture the solitary feeling of her strolling the empty streets of Paris. There really is nothing to write home about, folks.

Check out the official music video here:

In some ways the video’s simplicity and almost laissez-faire delivery feeds into this notion that Adelegend don’t need elaborate seven-minute long mini-movies or million dollar single campaigns to sell through the stratosphere. The bitch don’t need to try just to break some dough, therefore she shouldn’t be seen doing so.

But having seen the potential for visual brilliance in ‘Rolling In The Deep’, one can’t help but feel like Adele should have given more in ‘Someone Like You’. I know this counters everything I said before re: her appearing to “try” but I want y’all to consider some other video treatment ideas for this epic ballad.

Imagine if she had engaged a director like Sophie Muller – one of the best music video communicators known to this generation (see: Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s ‘Today The Sun’s On Us’ and Gwen Stefani‘s ‘Cool’). Imagine if ‘Someone Like You’ had featured highly emotive and effortlessly cold shots like Adele dressed in all black sitting alone in a brightly coloured creche, as the camera zooms out to capture mothers and their tots living loving life. How about another scene where she’s sitting in a lovely English garden by herself as the camera zooms out to reveal that she is in fact in a nursing home full of similarly abandoned souls?

Gurl, I can feel tears welling up under my lids now. BRB.


Adele‘s ‘Someone Like You’ has sold over 1 million downloads in the US alone and became the first single in the UK to sell over a million this decade [Editor’s note: this is only the first year of this decade. Sorry to burst your bubble.] Adelegend also made US Billboard chart record to become the first British solo female artist to have two #1 singles from the same album. ‘Someone Like You’ has also gone #1 here in Australia where it’s been certified four times platinum. The girl currently has three of her 21 singles in our Top 20.



  1. The video is exquisitely done. But I’m just gonna pass. This is just about the most overrated ballad ever. And I thought Celine’s many ones were hard enough to live with! I guess I’mma keep on crying out to ‘Hometown Glory’, now that’s a good one.

    Her success this year is just really, really baffling to me. More in a sense of… who the heck are all these people who bought her album and singles and keep her at #!?! Perhaps they find her a relieving anti-thesis to the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, but still. Moreover since here in Asia, you don’t hear or see her a lot. I listen to the radio all the time and only hear her songs every now and then…

    • Really? There’s a place on Earth where Adele isn’t on all day on the radios? Where abouts are you?

  2. Well there should be! I currently live in Jakarta, Indonesia, Limmy! So I guess that kind of makes us overseas neighbours? :D

    Seriously, though, I rarely hear her on our local airwaves. Although ‘Rolling in the Deep’ has been on heavy rotation on cable TV for a good few months now. She really ain’t that big over here; I mean, some know her, but the likes of Gaga or Katy are still decidedly more known.

    PS: I didn’t notice your brilliant prologue atop of the page until now… might just be the best you’ve ever written here! HAHAHA… cracks me up to no end! She really did get off that couch, didn’t she!

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