Leak Report: The Saturdays ‘My Heart Takes Over’

As touted in this week’s Chart Feed, les filles of The Saturdays are raring to release their next single ‘My Heart Takes Over’ in November and before I even had a second to scratch myself, their team has premiered the whole track online for your taste testing pleasure.

After flooding the dance floor with their alcopop-fuelled UK Top 3 smash ‘All Fired Up’, the girls are ready to serve some pop ballad realness for this new era of their discography. I don’t think y’all appreciate the significance of having a ballady third single that coincides with the Christmas season. Back in the Top of The Pops days, this was what every British pop band did to secure a piece of the end of year chart action.

Consider all the great girl band year-end ballads of the yesteryears – Sugababes‘ ‘Too Lost In You’, Girls Aloud‘s ‘Whole Lotta History’ and Spice Girls‘ ‘2 Become 1’. How will ‘My Heart Takes Over’ compare?

Take a listen to the full song here:

‘My Heart Takes Over’ is a dead giveaway for a Saturdays track with that signature refrain before the big chorus kicks in. There’s something alluring about the lush pop production here that actually harks back to ballads of the mid 2000’s. It seems like ever since ‘Bleeding Love’ tore the charts a new a-hole, every mid-tempo to grace the Top 40 had to have dramatic kicks and crisp beats. ‘My Heart Takes Over’ may not be the anti-thesis of a Ryan Tedder ballad but it has distanced itself enough to make you feel the difference.

The song is produced by Steve Mac (the man responsible for their strutworthy ‘Notorious’ and The Wanted‘s ‘Glad You Came’) and it’s possibly a better indication of what’s to come on the forthcoming album: On Your Radar. I love me some of the fierce stompers they’ve dropped in this era but I remember the girls saying that there’ll be more tear-jerker ballads on this new album. Let it be quality.


The Saturdays will release ‘My Heart Takes Over’ on 13 November, a week before their third full album On Your Radar arrives on UK store fronts. Aren’t you glad their team’s not doing that bizarre thing where you drop the single and album on the same day? [See: Will Young‘s ‘Jealousy’ and Melanie C‘s ‘Think About It’ campaigns]

The Saturdays have impressively sold over 2 million and racked up ten Top 10 singles since they launched in 2008. One is understandably excited about this new chapter.



  1. Hey Dave,
    Absolutely love this song! Hanging for the album all the singles have been great and if this is the indication of what the album will be like, I’m excited!!! Go the Saturday’s

  2. I like this. It’s really nice. This type of balladry is as much of fresh air as it gets in today’s mainstream.

    But is it really bizarre to drop a single and an album on the same day? I actually don’t mind it, in fact I think it could generate more interest (thus sales) for the album. Besides, don’t they go on a promotional whirlwind before the single is officially released? It certainly worked on Will’s favour, but heck, look how it backfired for Mel C! ‘Think About It’ only reaching #95?! It’s the second biggest injustice in the world after Anggun’s entire career!

    • I love how you managed a segue into Anggun’s career there! HAHAHA

      I think the single and album on the same day thing works for artists that maybe traditionally aren’t strong single sellers anyway? See: Will and Mel C. But for The Saturdays, who are always heavy first week single sellers – it’s probably best to give it some space. Although, a week’s difference isn’t really “space” per se. They’ll still sell loads anyway. PS – gagging to see how Nicola’s album’s charting.

      • Nicola’s “Cinderella’s Eyes” shouldn’t have a problem going Top 20 in the UK, if the mid weeks are anything to go by. Hard to tell sometimes. With ‘Lucky Day’, the mid weeks looked favourable but she was over taken in the second half of the week. Album debuted at #48 in Ireland, apparently.

  3. Haha, you know me. It just came out, really, and I actually meant it! ;)

    Me too! Kind of bummed that her singles haven’t done so well, I expected ‘Beat of My Drum’ to at least reach #8 and ‘Lucky Day’ somewhere in the Top 20. Hope the album goes Top 20, at the very least. It really is top-notch…

    PS: How do you people get all these mid-week figures?!

    • There’s actually an official UK mid-weeks chart that I just trawl forums for. I’m sure there’s an official source somewhere that’s accessible enough but I always go to my same source.

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