Beyoncé ‘Countdown’ Music Video Teaser

This is causing much excitement in the Beyhive.

A short “trailer” of Beyoncé‘s ‘Countdown’ video has leaked on to the interwebs and it’s giving us all kinds of 60’s and colour blocking realness, not too far a stretch from her ‘Green Light’ clip.

The vision y’all see here sparkle with legendary references to Michael Jackson (clock the cropped pants and white socks) and Audrey Hepburn (check the black turtle neck and accompanying silhouette). The video is understood to be directed by Adria Petty, who was responsible for Bey‘s ‘Sweet Dreams’ video – not her finest moment but all is forgiven.

Take a look at the 40-second preview before the full she-bang hits us on 6 October:


As reported months ago, Lord Beysus has filmed music videos for all her remaining 4 singles in one hit before the bump gets any bigger. We’ve already been treated to the psychadelic sensual visuals of ‘1+1’ and next in line is the fabulous ‘Countdown’, before we get videos for ‘End of Time’ and her current US urban smash, ‘Party’ (featuring André 3000).

The 4 singles campaign is possibly the most ambitious movement we’ve seen Queen Bey undertake for any of her solo albums but with all matters considered – I think she’s doing the right thing. All the production and meaty promotional work has already been taken care of for 4. The whole thing is very front-heavy to accommodate for her slowly easing off the case as her furthers along in her pregnancy. The tour – 4 Intimate Nights with Beyoncé at the Roseland Ballroom – has already been filmed, due for distribution later. Now, the world will get on with their respective 4 singles and it’ll be interesting to see how it’ll all unfold.


Beyoncé services ‘Countdown’ to US commercial and rhythmic radios today and the single – alongside ‘End of Time’ – will arrive for the UK market on 30 October.

‘Countdown’ is technically the album’s third official single everywhere so Australian radios should be treated to it pretty soon too despite, ‘Love On Top’ being the #1 most added song to our airwaves a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, her urban single ‘Party’ makes the US R&B/Hip Hop Top 20. One should expect for that video to be revealed very soon.


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