Natalie Bassingthwaighte ‘All We Have’ Music Video

What the song lacks in immediate likability, Nat Bassingthwaighte makes sure it completely compensates for in a wig-snatching video.

The 1000 Stars siren may have considered quitting music altogether after having her child, but I’m kinda glad she gave it a second life now – especially if you consider the involvement of Havana Brown‘s hit team. If you’re gonna do it, you might as well go hard all the way and give them something to really talk about.

‘All We Have’ is the brainchild of producers More Mega and one-time Aussie pop star Cassie Davis, the same gang that gave us Hovana’s stunning ‘We Run The Night’ and new piece ‘Get It’. The flawless video you see here is done by Silo, the team who also did ‘We Run The Night’ and other recent Aussie pop clips like The Potbelleez‘s ‘Midnight Midnight’ and Shannon Noll‘s ‘Switch Me On’. In short, Nat Bass is not playing games.

The video for ‘All We Have’ gives moments and literally serves it at every turn, tailoring every scene to the song’s varied soundscape. We’ve got the gentler and more feminine look for Nat’s still vocal parts and some staccatoed editing for the frenetic choreography-focused bits. Y’all better appreciate.

Check out three highlights of ‘All We Have’:

1) Stomp, stomp. I’ve arrived!

I am totally living for everything in this scene. Yes, even the oddly-shaped ensemble that looks like she’s got a $5.99 cushion fastened to her chest. The choreography and editing here is very much on point, fulfilling Nat’s mission to convince us that she’s a “dance freak”. There’s always been elements of “dance” in her previous releases but we haven’t seen Mama Bass go this hard before.

‘All We Have’ almost sounds extra-terrestrial compared to all the radio-ready dance hits on our charts this minute. I really don’t see this excelling commercially but it is, nonetheless, the closest she’s come to impressing me with her solo stuff. She’s taking risks after delivering a completely forgettable album of hand-me-down pop sounds, you gotta at least acknowledge her efforts here.

2) Tribal disco excellence.

Gays, please fashion a Nat Bass Mardi Gras float inspired by this scene – thank you in advance. I’m seeing smoke, coloured powder and a head full of hair serving volume. This was the shot we’ve seen teased before the video dropped and it positively radiates fun. You wanna see her tear up the X Factor stage with something like this. Let’s hope she brings it tonight – complete with that spherical piece.

3) Colour me impressed.

If you take a snap shot of this video – like I’ve done for the review – you’ll spot a lovely display of bright coloured backdrops that almost rekindles great videos of the 90’s. Think of Spice Girls‘ ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and things of that nature. I really hope to see this theme continuing with the rest of Nat’s forthcoming single and album visuals.


Natalie Bassingthwaighte‘s ‘All We Have’ is now out on iTunes. The digital bundle comes complete with two remixes.



  1. Hi dave,
    Nat is looking hot! She is a goddess.
    The song is not the greatest tune ive heard from her but in my world she can do no wrong.
    Be interesting to hear the album when it’s released.

    • Look, I’m sure we can all agree that the song *can* be a lot better but I really appreciate her taking a risk because this is probably more noteworthy in my books than anything she had done on the last album :) We might just be the only ones to like it.

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