Darren Hayes “Secret Codes & Battleships” Album Tracklisting

You know you can always count on Darren Hayes to go above and beyond with his albums pop opuses.

Secret Codes and Battleships is the Aussie singer’s fourth solo album and arguably his first to properly revisit his Savage Garden commercial pop sensibilities, which may be a yay or a nay for some of you. Depending on which Dazza era dazzles you the most.

The album has so far spawned three singles – two international ones ‘Talk, Talk, Talk’ and ‘Black Out The Sun’, plus an Aussie-only release ‘Bloodstained Heart’. If these serve as any kind of indication about the project’s sonic texture, you’ll know to expect a sensible and emotive blend of orchestral sounds and electro pop. The lyrical themes appear to canvas relatable aspects of life and relationships, from the bruised bits to the euphoric moments.

At this point, I sound like I really know a whole lot about Secret Codes and Battleships and might’ve possibly glimpsed the whole album in full. This is, of course, not the case but I’m happy to let you think I have such advanced special access to Dazza’s choons.

You can, however, do what I actually did and just preview tracks from the record here:

Check out the respective standard, special and collector’s edition tracklistings:


1 – Taken By The Sea
2 – Don’t Give Up
3 – Nearly Love
4 – Black Out The Sun
5 – Talk Talk Talk
6 – Bloodstained Heart
7 – God Walking Into The Room
8 – Hurt
9 – Roses
10 – Stupid Mistake
11 – Cruel Cruel World
12 – The Siren’s Call

Special edition bonus disc:

1 – Explode
2 – Perfect
3 – Tiny Little Flashlights
4 – Nothing
5 – Glorious
6 – Talk Talk Talk (Live In The Attic)
7 – Black Out The Sun (Live In The Attic)

Collector’s edition bonus disc:

1 – Explode
2 – Perfect
3 – Tiny Little Flashlights
4 – Wrecking Ball
5 – Nothing
6 – Glorious
7 – Talk Talk Talk (Live In The Attic)
8 – Black Out The Sun (Live In The Attic)
9 – The Sweetest Lullaby (Demo)
10 – Hurt (Demo)
11 – Stupid Mistake (Demo)
12 – Perfect (Demo)

The strictly limited collector’s edition not only comes with the aforementioned two 12-track discs but also the album on vinyl, a 12 inch 32-page album booklet and exclusive lithograph – all presented in a box set. Y’all can only purchase that collector’s edition from Darren’s Sandbag store here.

Darren will be kicking off the album tour in the UK later this month before bringing the show to Australia on 2 November. This era’s lead single ‘Talk Talk Talk’ entered and peaked at #79 on the Australian ARIA charts while its successor ‘Bloodstained Heart’ has yet to actually crack the Top 100. Looking abroad, ‘Black Out The Sun’ – which was only released on Sunday – is currently charting at #158 on UK iTunes.


Darren Hayes will launch Secret Codes and Battleships in the UK on 17 October and in Australia on 21 October.



  1. Gurr, I cannot wait for this one. Darren’s solo stuff has always been Of High Importance and everything that’s come from it so far has been pure gold.

    • I actually thought that the super collector’s edition would have more new songs but it’s really just demo versions – it’ll, nonetheless, be lapped up and deeply appreciated anyway.

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