Leak Report: Kelly Rowland ‘Down For Whatever (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Club Mix)’

Y’all gotta hand it to Kelendria for consistency. The girl never breaks from sexy time.

Where her surprise American urban smash ‘Motivation’ saw Lil’ Wayne compare her lady fluids to rain, ‘Down For Whatever’ is a lot more demure by comparison. This strob-lit ode to getting nasty in public really is one of the highlights of her Here I Am project. Those who have perused it would know that apart from her 2010 sleeper hit ‘Commander’, ‘Down For Whatever’ really is the only dance-inflected track on the album.

So needless to say, it needs to slay hard and represent for her club creatures. Take a listen to the Steve Pitron and Max Sanna extended club mix of ‘Down For Whatever’:

This is technically Kelendria’s first international single for Here I Am, so even though y’all have seen the album on shelves gathering dust for months – there really hasn’t been any incentive for the international market to lap it up because she hadn’t done any promo for it outside America and ‘Motivation’ wasn’t exactly bumping on airwaves across the globe.

Regular Feed Limmy consumers would know that I’ve always glorifed Kelendria as the Donna Summer of our generation – a firm contender for a long career in the clubs. However, at this point in her career where she is garnering significant interest from the American urban crowd – I’m kinda pleased to see her satiating both markets this way. It’ll be interesting to see how long she can juggle both club and urban releases, and where she’ll inadvertently find more success.


Kelly Rowland will release ‘Down For Whatever’ on 30 October in the UK. The video is expected to drop soon, alongside one filmed for her newest US single ‘Lay It On Me’. Both videos were directed by Sarah Chatfield, who hemmed Kelendria’s sensual ‘Motivation’ clip.


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