Sal Kimber and The Rollin’ Wheel ‘Do Right’ Music Video

Y’guys should probably know that whenever I tweet about doing “Domestic Goddess Dave” stuff, this is the image I have of myself. Gurl, I’m already there with them Betty White curls so, really, this video is just foreshadowing my inevitable transformation.

Australian alt-country gang Sal Kimber and The Rollin’ Wheel came correct for me the last time with their “Nashville Duffy”-type video ‘Beat Gets Louder’. However, in the follow up – ‘Do Right’ – our lady Sal transforms herself into a suburban memaw complete with Mrs Doubtfire glasses and pearls. I love the idea of watching her character get lost in the music and fantasise about performing while hanging out the laundry. It’s totally what I do.

Director Rohan Spong – who was also responsible for Sal et al’s last video – has once again done an immaculate job in fusing a nostalgic feel to the music. ‘Do Right’ is a more playful and exuberant song by nature so there really isn’t a better time to let out the crazy and lip-sing for your life.

Watch the video here:

Sal Kimber and the Rollin’ Wheel – ‘Do Right’ – Music Video from rohan spong on Vimeo.

Sal Kimber and The Rollin’ Wheel will drop their self-titled album on 14 October. Sal will be joining me and my co-host Jade on air this Wednesday 7pm on JOY 94.9’s Diff’rent Strokes.


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