The Saturdays ‘My Heart Takes Over’ Music Video

Current it girl band – The Saturdays – have never really given me a decent ballad until now. Am I crazy for saying that, y’all?

‘My Heart Takes Over’ is the first mid-tempo single the British quintet has released since the rather bleugh ‘Missing You’ and with this one, I feel like they’ve come full circle. Sonically, the song harks to the spirited pop purveyed on their first album Chasing Lights. It’s great that they ventured out and applied themselves to some American R&B balladry for their sophomore but if we’re honest, it really didn’t sound like them.

How shall we rank this in terms of truly decent British girlband balladry? Let’s just say Sugababes‘ ‘Never Gonna Dance Again’ is a 10, Girls Aloud‘s ‘Whole Lotta History’ is an eight, and Spice Girls‘ ‘Headlines’ being a one. I reckon ‘My Heart Takes Over’ would probably be positioned at a five?

Right now, The Saturdays are on a bit of a golden run with their recent singles ‘Notorious’ and ‘All Fired Up’ both having gone Top 10. ‘My Heart Takes Over’ comes correct for the winter months and with their all important third album – On Your Radar – arriving next month, I can see this song being a worthy representative of the goods on board.

Check out the stunning video for ‘My Heart Takes Over’:


The video itself is a lovely wintery affair, shot in the stunning Icelandic countryside, and as far as the styling goes – it’s expectedly feminine and sensible with servings of Country Road catalogue realness. I understand that the ladies will be heading up their own reality show to launch themselves in the States next year and with that transition we might see some possible re-shooting of videos, but I really hope they don’t muck up The Saturdays’ brand by pitching these five as some Disney girl-next-door types. We’ve seen them try with the ‘Higher’ video and it just didn’t sit well with my soul.


The Saturdays will release ‘My Heart Takes Over’ on 13 November, a week before the album On Your Radar arrives on UK store fronts.



  1. Hey Dave,
    I absolutely adore this song!
    I love Vanessa I’m so glad she gets lead vocals
    I have pre ordered the album
    Can’t wait yipppeeeee!

    • Are you getting the special one with a customised sleeve of your Saturday girl of choice? :p

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