Kelly Rowland feat. Big Sean ‘Lay It On Me’ Music Video

I’m pretty much paralysed from head to toe now with hunger pains for chocolate so strong, I can’t even begin to explain.

Oh my gawd, Kelendria Trene Rowland. Just. Oh my gawd. What is this video? The sexy Destiny’s glamazon has probably unveiled her finest commitment to film yet and it could not be more fitting to the overwhelmingly sensual Here I Am era we’re basking in right now.

No question about it, ‘Lay It On Me’ is a sexy video that titilises with all the flesh-toned stimulations expected in an R&B/hip hop video but having said that, it’s actually not the kind of hip hop video sexy we’re accustomed to. There’s a definite feminine caress to the whole production that we can only put down to director Sarah Chatfield‘s touch. Where Kelly‘s last video ‘Motivation’ – also hemmed by Chatfield – cast a grittier and sweatier underground vibe, ‘Lay It On Me’ flips to a new position, bearing reel after reel of clean toned bodies with graceful, flexing choreography. Nothing moistened, no greased up cheeks getting flossed by a $2.99 thong, and no hair pressed up against sweaty faces – the whole affair was just feels fresh like a good Dove commercial.

Check out three visual highlights from Kelly Rowland‘s ‘Lay It On Me’ video:

1) She likes it how long?

Gurl, I know you’ve been telling us for months that you wanna feel your legs but please, I don’t wanna feel it pressing on my rib cage. There’s basically not a lot of PG-rated discussions you and I can share about this scene. It is what it is and if I may be excused, I’m gonna go have a look for my old slinky now.

2) If you a work-it man, show me what you’re workin’ with.

I have basically come to the conclusion that Kelendria made this video for the ladies and her gays, of course. We like to come along wherever fine chocolate is served in its abundance. Queens, how many times have we seen women objectified in hip hop videos? Isn’t it time for the men to cater? ‘Lay It On Me’ depicts Kelly as an empowered goddess with muscled hunks falling at her feet, getting in shape to form a recliner, and fetching her a sponsored beverage of choice. This is like porn for women and since I’m so in touch with my feminine side – waiter, I’ll have whatever she’s having.

3) Gold, silver and bronze.

The colour scheme we’re playing with in ‘Lay It On Me’ seems like a pretty cohesive display of golds in some of Kelly’s attire, silver as shown above in the shiny parachute sheet, and bronze – no prize for guessing where. The predominant flesh tone of the video also complements Kelly’s Here I Am album art direction.


Kelly Rowland‘s ‘Lay It On Me’ (featuring Big Sean) has to date reached #43 on the US Billboard R&B/Hip Hop charts. Meanwhile, the sassy X Factor judge is expected to drop her next video ‘Down For Whatever’ very soon. The stomping dance track will serve as the first international single from her Here I Am project.



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