Lady Gaga “Born This Way – The Remix” Album Tracklisting and Details

Prepare yourself for an experimental and marvelously edgy reimagination of Born This Way as most of our favourite album tracks score a remix treatment in this here compilation.

Born This Way – The Remix is the monster pop superstar’s second remix collection and once again, Gaga projects herself ahead of the curve by enlisting underground and upcoming DJs/producers for the project.

2010’s The Remix – which canvassed hits from both The Fame and The Fame Monster – has become one of the best selling remix albums in the world, reportedly clocking over 500,000 sales to date. Part of the reason why it really worked, even at that early stage of her pop career, is because Gaga‘s not just a one-dimensional dance music artist. She and her songs have the ability to render themselves against everything from experimental electronica through to commercial fluorescent house with a fluidity not many performers can claim.

Basically, her remixes – just like every other aspect of her performance art – never appears like an afterthought or extended plug-in that’s largely removed from her overall vision. The choice of collaborators and producers enlisted have yet to disappoint and with Born This Way – The Remix, there’s gonna be a bit more boundary pushing.

The roll call flaunts collaborators from the indie rock sphere like Foster The People and Two Door Cinema Club, and there are the consistent merchants of quality electronica as well – eg. Royksopp, Goldfrapp and Hurts. This should be a well decent light and shade experience.

Check out the tracklisting for Born This Way – The Remix via Gaga Daily.

1 – Born This Way (Twin Shadows Remix)

2 – Judas (Hurts Remix)

3 – The Edge of Glory (Foster the People Remix)

4 – Yoü And I (Wild Beasts Remix)

5 – Marry the Night (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)

6 – Americano (Gregori Klosman Remix)

7 – Bloody Mary (The Horrors Remix)

8 – Scheiße (Guena LG Remix)

9 – Heavy Metal Lover (The Weeknd Remix)

10 – Electric Chapel (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)

11 – Black Jesus (Michael Woods Remix)

12 – Judas (Goldfrapp Remix)

13 – Yoü And I (Metronomy Remix)

14 – Judas (Royksopp’s European Imbecile Mix)

I don’t know about y’all but I am probably most excited to hear the ‘Heavy Metal Lover’, ‘Bloody Mary’ and ‘Americano’ remixes.


Lady Gaga will release both Born This Way – The Remix and The Monster Ball Tour DVD on 25 November in Australia.


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