Will Young ‘Come On’ Live Acoustic and Cahill Club Mix

Will Young can almost do no wrong at this point as he gears up to release ‘Come On’ – the second single from his chart topping Echoes album. We’re talking about one of my favourite albums of 2011 here, y’guys.

This sensible and subtle dance pop direction the Pop Idol veteran’s nodding to is so on point, considering how it complements his vocal tones and back catalogue of adult contemporary smear. Every binge listen of Echoes I go through always end up with me falling madly obsessed with a different track. I’ve gone through the motions with the sly disco romper ‘I Just Want A Lover’ and nouveau 80’s ‘Good Things’ but I’ve yet to develop a similar connection with ‘Come On’.

‘Come On’ – written and originally released by Kish Mauve – was always the obvious second single from the get-go. It seems like a more realistic choice for mainstream radio, given the running pace that accelerates in the chorus and compelling vocal delivery. Here we’re about to see the track interpreted in two very different ways in a live acoustic performance and a hands-in-the-air club remix. Who said you can’t have it both ways?

Watch Will Young‘s gorgeous live acoustic performance of ‘Come On’, which I have a feeling was actually filmed months ago when he did the album track-by-track video:

Now take a listen to ‘Come On (Cahill Club Mix)’ via Pop On and On:

Both versions have actually heightened my appreciation for the song. One for the Saturday night out and the other for the Sunday morning come down – Will Young has got chu covered.


Will Young will release ‘Come On’ to UK store fronts on 21 November. Expect the music video to premiere real soon.


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