Leak Report: Jessie & The Toy Boys ‘Naughty’

“All my hoes touch your toes!” – This is only a little taster of the quotables Jessie & The Toy Boys is threatening with her new single ‘Naughty’.

Jessie Malakouti continues to stun with one fabulous alcopop choon after another. Basically, the talented songwriter has only gotten better at refining her artistry and sound ever since she caught our attention with the ferocious ‘Trash Me’ some three years ago. The blonde bombshell scored herself a ton of new fans when she landed a gig as one of Britney‘s Femme Fatale tour opening acts. She’s been working her solid debut EP – Show Me Your Tan Lines – for months now and finally, here comes a whiff of new music for all you long-term Fannequins.

Take a listen to an early cut of ‘Naughty’ before the final single version drops:

“DJ spin it with your fingers, flip me over like a pancake! Hold my mic and remember, dip-dip-dip-dip dip it in my milkshake *slurps*”

As you can tell, it’s a fail-proof combination of spirited pop melodies wired to some feisty lyrics that’ll go down a treat in her various club gigs. She has been test driving this track on the road for months now, letting these children have it with some leather and whips. So technically, by the time the single arrives at digital store fronts, y’all should have no problems singing the words back to her.

Watch Jessie & The Toy Boys getting ‘Naughty’ in Vegas:


Jessie & The Toy Boys will drop the music video for ‘Naughty’ over the next few days.

Her debut LP This Is How Rumors Start is slated for a 2012 release and who knows, there might be a Wynter Gordon collabo on either this record or Wynter‘s own batch of new material. Yeah, I’m saying this like I already know.


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