Beyoncé ‘Love On Top’ Music Video

“I don’t think we should question Beyoncé,” was basically how my friend Nat politely put a lid on all discussions re: bump-gate on Saturday night. She’s right. We shouldn’t. And this embargo should also be applied to all who poke at her Beysiness’ latest single releases and campaigns.

What exactly is Beyoncé‘s current single? Who the hell cares? She can put out two or three different songs to different territories and markets all at once if she wants. Because Mama Bey brings home bacon, she does as she pleases.

‘Love On Top’ is the latest video to be uploaded from the hive and everyone’s positively buzzing about the joy that floods the heart of every individual who has seen it. The teaser was posted last week after exclusively premiering at the end of her Australian interview with Molly Meldrum [Editor’s note: also know as, the epicentre of bump quake]. In fact, I’m sure a lot of pedestrians will be tuning in to see this video in search of further evidence – little do they know, the sensible business woman had actually filmed this (and other music videos – see: ‘1+1’ and in parts, ‘Countdown’) before her pregnancy progressed.

Truth be told, all that talk surrounding the validity of her pregnancy only turned to gold for Bey‘s sales as ‘Love On Top’ steadily climbed the Aussie charts to a new peak of #21 this week. The video itself does a splendid job of capturing the euphoric and live performance-ready tones in the music, rendering Bey and her dancers in a simple set up of rehearsing in a studio and gradually watching that evolve into a complex show with lights and tailored costumes.

‘Love On Top’ sonically harks to the golden Soul Train era and it’s no surprise that the video gives a nod to popular harmony boy bands of the late 70s and 80s a la New Edition, The Jackson 5 and The Temptations. There’s definitely a suave masculine vibe colouring every look here with Bey rocking full suits and accessorising with a cane, top hat and servicemen’s hat.

Watch the video here:


‘Love On Top’ has to date reached #20 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and #75 in the UK. Australia remains as one of the biggest adopters of this track, which was probably why Bey’s team decided to premiere the teaser through our local media first.



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