Kelly Rowland ‘Down For Whatever’ Music Video

This is the second consecutive Kelly Rowland video where we see director Sarah Chatfield blatantly recycle scenes she has already committed to film for other – albeit less famous – female artists.

First, she recreated some scenes from Livvi Franc‘s ‘Now I’m That Bitch’ for Kelly‘s current American single ‘Lay It On Me’ and now she swagger jacks my girl Wynter Gordon and Freemasons‘Believer’ for Kelendria‘s European single ‘Down For Whatever’. Ladies, is it really that hard to come up with an original idea?

As lovely as I think Sarah Chatfield‘s work is with all the aforementioned videos, I can’t help but see this regurgitating of ideas as disrespectful and just plain lazy. I think it speaks a lot about your artistic integrity if you can take an idea that was supposedly created just for that one client and rehash it for someone more famous. That is no way to honour a creative relationship.


Gurl, it’s not like you’re a salon hairdresser and you’ve been asked to recreate the Rachael bob. We’re talking about a music video here, which really is in an essence – art – or so I treat it to be any way. These visuals and looks created were fashioned into the image and identity of the respective artist. You can’t just reupholster that and think no one’s gonna know any better. Not with YouTube as our witness.

It all comes to light.

As you can see, Kelendria Trene Rowland was evidently rocking the same spotlights used in Wynter‘s video but better yet, she also stole the whole idea of dancing in the dark against a blank wall of projected lights and wearing a short cropped wig. SMH.

Visually, the ‘Down For Whatever’ video is a stark contrast to the sensual and feminine flesh tones of its R&B sister single ‘Lay It On Me’. This one is a straight up dance music clip primed for Ibiza with its hypnotic display of lights, shadows and ample choreography.

Who’s that girl?

For someone who’s gracing the cover of magazines and making tabloid headlines daily now for her prominent role as UK X Factor judge, Kelly Rowland is sure making it hard for people to identify her in this video. Look at the whole thing.

She’s kept hidden in the shadows, shown writhing under a black light, and left obscured by lens flares through most of the video. I honestly can’t imagine a bigger disservice to her image and stardom. I would assume that her face and smoking hot body would be a prized selling point for any of her videos but apparently not with ‘Down For Whatever’. Given that this is her first solo European single since ‘Commander’ dropped over a year ago, wouldn’t you want for Kelly to stand out?


Kelly Rowland will release ‘Down For Whatever’ in the UK on 30 October, a week before the international edition of Here I Am is launched there.



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