Leak Report: Far East Movement ‘Jello’ (featuring Rye Rye)

You can probably write out all the lyrics to this even before hearing the track. You’ll be surprised at how many words rhyming with “jello” these guys can fit in the space of two minutes and 52 seconds.

Far East Movement is back with a brand new single – ‘Jello’ – to precede their second major label album and it’s positively everything you’ve come to expect from them: club-ready hip hop that’ll match the tenacity of their career-making crunk hit ‘Like A G6’.

The Asian quartet has done really well in the last 12 months to not only bankroll one fierce club cut after another but also manage global mainstream success with ‘Rocketeer’, their surprisingly decent mid-tempo featuring Ryan Tedder. All the sudden these guys were on every commercial radio station in the developed world and outgrew this all-ages appeal to Far East Movement where there had only been interest from urban music and club circles before.

Having said that, ‘Jello’ makes no attempt to recall such appeal. It is an unapologetic move back to what Far East Movement does best and that is fierce party records with choice lines like, “J-E-double-L-O-mazing. Run it back she stack – lego, play with your g-string – cello…”

Take a listen to ‘Jello’ featuring Rye Rye:


If your rump isn’t rattling like it should, go seek help immediately.


Far East Movement is set to serve up ‘Jello’ on 8 November . The gang’s forthcoming album Magic Men’s will arrive in 2012 some time, bearing collaborations with will.i.am, David Guetta and Bangladesh (hit producer behind Jessica Mauboy‘s wig snatching ‘Get ‘Em Girls’ and Ke$ha‘s ferocious ‘Sleazy’).


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