The Ting Tings Are Back With ‘Hang It Up’

We can confirm that The Ting Tings are still a thing.

Look, something don’t look right when your album gets pushed back after dropping a phenomenally awesome song like ‘Hands’. But after a trip back to the drawing board, the British indie-pop duo are setting shit back on course with their brand new single ‘Hang It Up’.

Believe it or not, it has actually been over a year since we last heard from Katie and Jules but I reckon the re-tooled sophomore album shouldn’t be very far from seeing the light of day now. According to Idolator, the pair had recorded the album in Berlin but pushed it back to work on some new material that was coming out of their London and Spain sessions.

“We wanted to make a very primal, raw album that was honest and experimental and as always rhythm based. The songs recorded in Berlin have a different sound to those jammed in Spain. Berlin songs are more ‘tech ‘n spacey’ and melancholic… I think the songs from London and Spain sound like us getting out of the dark place and have a more aggressive funk sound to them,” they said.

Check out the music video for their new single ‘Hang It Up’:


‘Hang It Up’ immediately sounds like something you would hear in a General Pants store or soundtracking an iPod commercial.

If I’m honest, sonically it’s coming off a little too dated for my liking but hey, I am totally digging the aggressive tones. I only wish they could’ve been more inventive and given the track like an acid wash down or something. Y’know, layer it with some lo-fi, electro clash beats and get some 8bit analog-type electronica happening? That would’ve made the music more interesting.


The Ting Tings are set to release their long awaited sophomore album in early 2012.


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