Leak Report: Kelly Rowland ‘Down For Whatever (True Tiger Remix)’

Attention, shoppers. Kelendria Trene Rowland has some incredible remixes lined up for ‘Down For Whatever’ and you don’t wanna miss out on this brilliant offer.

The Destiny’s Child glamazon clearly isn’t playing games with this all important first European single of hers. Even though she’s gathered up a neat collection of predominantly R&B cuts for her newest album Here I Am, Kelly did throw in one exquisite new dance/pop piece just for her European market in ‘Down For Whatever’ and now it’s time to strike.

The RedOne-produced stomper is a true stand out and in keeping with true Kelendria style – the song is, of course, about sex and going at it on the dance floor. Gurl never breaks from sexy times. Sonically, ‘Down For Whatever’ is probably best compared to tracks the Moroccan hitmaker had cut for other divas like Jennifer Lopez‘s ‘Invading My Mind’ and Nicole Scherzinger‘s ‘Wet’.

‘Down For Whatever’ is already club-primed enough as it is but just to be sure, Ms Kelly is going all out with a slew of A-grade remixes that hear the song recast in trance, commercial house and even dub step styles. The True Tiger remix is one of the standouts from her forthcoming remix EP, rendering the sexy song over sinister and aggressive dub step beats. This should go down a treat in the British club scene.

Listen to Kelly Rowland‘s ‘Down For Whatever (True Tiger Remix)’:

Pretty goddamn hot, if you ask me. This dance single and its remixes are more than ready to rep for Kelly on dance floors and radios all over the world.


Kelly Rowland will release ‘Down For Whatever’ in the UK on 30 October. You can check out the Max Sanna & Steve Pitron club remix here.


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