Leak Report: Rebecca Ferguson ‘Nothing’s Real But Love (Logistics Remix)’

Is Rebecca Ferguson really the kind of artist you wanna hear turn out a muhfuggin’ rave club remix? I feel faces cringing right now. Perhaps we should just perish the thought.

‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ is the UK X Factor siren’s debut single and with only a month away from release, I can see why her team is anxious to get some real buzz happening. At this stage – before she even begins doing any proper press or promo – it’s hard to ascertain whether the British public’s still hungry for the young mama’s record. Apart from me, is there anyone else you know talking about Becca’s releases?

Well maybe this utterly poppers o’clock remix of ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ will inspire some kind of discussion it but I sense it won’t be an overwhelmingly positive one. Cue the strobe lights, pass the amyl, and hit play whenever you’re ready.

This is Rebecca Ferguson‘s ‘Nothing’s Real But Love (Logistics Remix)’:


Look. That is not the kinda trip I wanna go on with Rebecca Ferguson, really. Pardon the pun but the overpowering techno beats absolutely clubbed her flawless vocals to death there. Please don’t let this be the only remix to represent.

With a song as tender and lush as ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’, I would’ve commissioned for producers like the Freemasons or Alias to reimagine the track as a huge glistening dance ballad. Y’know, something that still honours the emotionality of the song but just wired to a slamming, four-to-the-floor beat? What do y’all think?


Rebecca Ferguson will release ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ on 28 November, a week before her self-titled debut album (pictured above) arrives in the UK.


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