Will Young ‘Come On’ Music Video

I don’t wanna ruin it for you lot but there is a pivotal emotional crux to this video that might have you blinking hard to fight back the tears.

Pop Idol sire Will Young has to be one of my favourite music video story tellers. The 32-year old singer is always known for creating wistful and rather British looking videos where he’s playing a character engaging in some sort of scenario with a comedic et au profound twist. Do you follow?

‘Come On’ sees our old friend Will serving some Oxford University linguistics lecturer realness in them tortoise shell glasses (I had a pair in the 90s), woolen turtleneck and sensible slacks. The scene is set in a posh dog show of sorts – similar to the world famous Cruft Dog Shows – where Will is trying to get his trusty canine friend to do tricks.

Alas, y’all get a feeling that the pair are not off to a very good start when the pooch fails to perform the bare minimum and you see the judges’ stank faces. However, as predicted, there is a glorious turn around at the end but why read about it when you can live the sentiments shot-by-shot here?


‘Come On’ was originally released by Kish Mauve in 2009 before Will adopted it for his career-defining Echoes album. The song does come with an inspirational thrust about manning up to a situation rather than running away. However, in the context of the video ‘Come On’ plays out rather nicely as a tribute to a life-long friendship through triumphs and lows, and picking yourself up again.

What more could he give?


Will Young will release ‘Come On’ on 21 November in the UK. Listen to both the acoustic version and Cahill club remix.



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