Jessie & The Toy Boys ‘Let’s Get Naughty’ Music Video

My body is well and truly ready for this take over.

Jessie & The Toy Boys is definitely a force to be reckoned with and no observer of the underground pop scene can deny her presence – no, not after a video as polished as this. Fannequins, welcome to the next level of Jessie‘s artistry.

The blonde bombshell has come a long way from her ‘Trash Me’/Xenomania days to build this brand of bubblegum acid pop, letting these children have it first with her Show Me Your Tan Lines EP last year. ‘Let’s Get Naughty’ is the girl’s latest offering and it is, once again, an unreserved serving of feisty pop with snaps to Vanity 6.

There are some choice quotables in here – ie. “All my hoes touch your toes!’ – that’ll certainly put a grin on your face. In fact, in a post-Ke$ha world, it would be rude for like-minded female performers to not leave their own lyrical imprint in the game.


‘Let’s Get Naughty’ – the music video – sees Ms Malakouti and her Toy Boys grinding and hip thrusting for America in a variety of dimly-lit spaces. She’s definitely bringing her A-game now visually and with the choreography. There are also black and white shots of these Jessie “street team” types running amok and plastering her logo up everywhere around town and “spray-painting”, representing her rapidly evolving underground movement.

I also loved seeing the mannequins still featured in her videos. They’re such a visual signifier of a Jessie & The Toy Boys production. But at the same time, gurl, I’m not gonna file a complaint if she wants to dedicate more camera time to her entourage of fit male dancers.


Jessie & The Toy Boys‘ ‘Let’s Get Naughty’ is out now. Y’all can grab it on iTunes here.


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